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5p Pixel
4p Slarvax
3p Smeags
2p StarOcean
1p AbbathTheGrim

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Wright said:
Sorry Augen for not voting properly last round :(

You jinxed it.

As for the vote,


I wish I had the power to jinx, I would be way more devious with it.

"I never win the lottery!"

"That bikini looks really secure!"

5. SMEAGS!!! (Like totes muh bestie)
4. Slarvax
3. Star Ocean (even if star ocean isn't even in his top favorite games)
2. AbbathTheGrim (though you're low on the list I actually appreciate you a lot. I just know the others more)
1. Pixel Perfect (I just don't know you that well yet. Maybe we can work on that for next year. ♡

5p- Smeags

4p- StarOcean

3p- Slarvax

2p- Abbath

1p- Pixel Perfect

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5p - Smeags
4p - Slarvax
3p - StarOcean
2p - AbbathTheGrim
1p - PixelPerfect

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5p - Smeags (Does so much for the site, I mean have you SEEN the amount of work he puts into the Top 50 event? Plus he's one of the guys I chat with the most online)
4p - AbbathTheGrim (Makes tons of news threads and always take the time to add his comments to encourage discussion, also makes his own original thread)
3p - StarOcean (Came to know him a little better through mod chat this year, he's a nice guy!)
2p - Slarvax (Great poster but this round is hard!)
1p - PixelPerfect (Not all that familiar with him, sorry!)

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5p - Slarvax
4p - PixelPerfect
3p - StarOcean
2p - Smeags
1p - Abbath

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Voting ends in 2 hours.

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5p - Smeags
4p - AbbathTheGrim
3p - StarOcean
2p - Slarvax
1p - PixelPerfect

spurgeonryan said:
Voting ends in 2 hours.


Spurge, which round will you be in? I want to make sure I'm there to give you 1 point