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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Youkai Watch keep its hype for another generation?

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Will Youkai Watch keep its hype for another generation?

Yes, just like Pokemon did. 11 33.33%
No, L5 overuse will turn ... 19 57.58%
Youkai Watch will team up... 3 9.09%

With the upcoming release of Youkai Watch on the West, YW3 announced for 2016 and another YW Busters for this holydays, we can be sure Level 5 is going to swim in money for a couple of years. But will it be able to mantain the hype, just like Pokemon did? From the GB to the GBA, Pokemon took a decent hit, but it still sold wonderfuly (Pokemon R/S/E/FE/LG combined sold less than R/B, but they did pass the 25m units together). Can Youkai Watch mantain the same level of success, or will it deflate like a popped balloon?

Also, where will Youkai Watch 4 be released? The 3DS, the NX, or they'll just go full mobile?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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nope, does anybody remember Inazuma Eleven games ? yeah it's going down the same route

I don't think it will. It's already slowing down, slowly but surely

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No, especially not in NA/EU. I just don't see the overall appeal of the game or the anime. It's just...weird. Granted, I'm a weird guy and I still think it's strange. Pokemon didn't have all the cultural barriers like Yokai Watch. Literally everything requires knowledge of Japanese folklore/tales/legends to even get a kick out of it. I don't see it in the West but in Japan, who knows. It may join the ranks of Pokemon and Dragon Quest. Only time will tell.

No it will drop faster than Pokemon. There are too many other options/distractions that kids will goto. VS When Pokemon started.

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in japan yes. we don't know in NA and EU on how would it be embraced by the gamers.

Seems like Level 5 wants to milk it dry before next year ends.

Not at this rate. Maybe with more sparse releases and good spinoffs.


Listen very closely: Keep Yokai Watch as far, FAR away as possible from my Digimon!

OT: idk. It will definitely slow down, but the brand my find a stable footing if they themselves slow down. But they lost any credibility to me when they partnered with Ubisoft for a Just Dance game