Forums - Sales Discussion - Super Smash Bros. Brawl sells over 1.4 million units

So I guess talks about SSBB first week beating Halo 3 end here.

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My prediction for 1,66 mln will be spot on then.

Predictions for December 31st 2008:
Wii 38,000,000
DS 84,500,000
PS3 17,000,000
PSP 41,000,000
X360 23,000,000

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Thats over 2 copies per second!!! XD!

The article does say 1.4m in the US so its possible with the rest of NA it could get as high as 1.8m but most likely it will be in the 1.6m range.

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...and Nintendo is laughing all the way to the bank with these numbers and the million plus from the upcoming Europe launch and millions more copies sold still to come.

Very good .So 1.4 million for the week and more than 800K for the first day .Magnific numbers .Still ,quite behind what Ioi told it had sold first day (1.25 million ) .

This is shipped figures ,though .