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We have a Video Game add-on story lets do one with anime charaters fighting each other.





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First match:


Naruto in his one-tailed fox transformation.



Gohan as a Super Saiyan 2





Gohan opens the fight using amazing speed to rush Naruto, Naruto is caught off guard by this, and falls backwards by mistake barely avoiding Gohan's attack. "You must be working with Cell" Gohan screamed. "Cell!" Naruto replied "I don't even know who Cell is I going to be Hokage someday!" Gohan played no attention to his words and dispite his gentle nature began to rush Naruto again, Naruto quickly put hands and yelled "Shadow Clone Justu" and five Naruto's appeared. Shocked Gohan stopped and began to charge for his Kamehameha Wave, Gohan fires with all his might dispelling all of Naruto's clones and looking to have hit Naruto himself but when the smoke clears it's just a log on the ground and Naruto pops out of the ground behind Gohan punching him in the chin..........................




(EDIT: Alarcist posted a bunch of stuff as I was typing this... whoever's next, feel free to ignore or include my piece as you see fit)

The Red Sentai Warrior called out to his peeps, "Hey, peeps, who we fighting this season? Robots? Aliens? Soul-wizards?"

"No," said the Black Sentai Warrior, "We're fighting your evil twin."

"I have an evil twin?" the Red Sentai Warrior asked.

"Yeah," the cute hawk avatar of the Red Sentai Warrior's fighting mecha hopped up on his shoulder.

"Since when?" the Red Sentai Warrior insisted.

"Well, the way I understand it," the Yellow Sentai Warrior's equally cute beetle avatar hovered between the 5-warrior circle, "your father was having an affair in the year before you were born, and his mistress became pregnant at the exact same time as your mother. Since your father's such a dominant character, a trait which you draw your own charisma and leadership from, his DNA asserted itself dominant over both your mother's and his mistress' DNA, causing both children, although born of different mothers, to have a nearly identical genetic code. The only difference is that your brother is stronger, faster, and smarter than you are."

"The hell?" exclaimed the Red Sentai Warrior, "That doesn't even make sense! And how do you guys all know this backhistory about me?"

"Shumway told us while you were in the toilet," the Green Sentai Warrior said.

"Shumway," the Red Sentai Warrior turned to his hawk avatar, "you're such a prick!"

And then Sailor Moon came and destroyed everyone including herself. The end.

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Great ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!