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Forums - Sales Discussion - Nintendo investors rejoice!

I personally thank Sony for putting us over the top. Sony is doing great, but Nintendo just stole the thunder today on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Nintendo just jumped 4.5% ironically on the day following the Sony earnings release. Sony did ok at 2.63%.

Congrats to all Nintendo and NTDOY longs! 

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i'm long NTDOY but why did it jump 4.5%?  not like sony's woes is anything new to the investor.  maybe it's the weak yean or something else, but sony's release shouldn't contribute a 5% jump.

the Wii is an epidemic.

I wouldn't suggest attempting to make sense out of it.

Its institutional buying, has all the marks. Basically, some Fund or Firm jsut moved into NTDOF. And yes it was sweet...

The great thing is that Nintendo set their future estimates super low. So they can keep raising estimates, then beating their own estimates, time and time again. It's like an investors dream.