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Forums - Sales Discussion - M-Create Sales Chart 5/13

FishyJoe said:
It's post Golden week. Nobody buys anthing during that period. Kind of like post Christmas without the sales promotions.

163k is a lot for a system to sell in a week where supposedly no one buys anything. It's basically going back to pre Golden Week numbers in reality. The Wii is still supply contrained, and Nintendo boosted shipments during that Golden Week period.

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It's ironic that everyone was saying the Wii was going to have this great golden age after Golden Week came and went, and that production was going to stay steady @ that 100k units. Crazy kids. Will you ever learn? Next week: 70k units or so. Don't expect Nintendo to magically pump out a few ten thousand extra units for quite some time.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

Well, supposedly they've ramped up worldwide production by 200K/month. If 80K of that went to Japan (80K to N. America, and 40K to Europe), that would mean a bump of about 20K a week... Since Golden Week was more or less within that possible 20K jump (although on the extreme far end), it's not an unreasonable thing to assume this happened to be the week when the production jump was first felt. Guess I was wrong.