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Shamelessy stolen from EG comment section

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If you're interested in Nintendo content and understand german, maybe you want to take a look at my youtube channel! :)

Fuck I love these videos


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Loll these videos are awesome!!! Thank god for the steam refund system though


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After seeing all these movies, I'm wondering what this guy is really saying :p

I think this one is better


Apparently Hitler also bought the PC version too


Zuhyc said:
After seeing all these movies, I'm wondering what this guy is really saying :p

My spanish is not that good and this guy is hard to understand,but after watch the full version i was able to understand better.

He talks about an old job in a restaurant at the beach where he had to wash the dishes.

He talks about a day where he had to clean this pans(called "paelleras" in spanish) the night before a big event.

Thing is,the way they clean this pans was weird.His boss said he had to left the pans in the oceans for an entire night and bring back in the morning to finish the cleaning process and prepare the food for the event.

In order to do that,he tied the pans on the rocks with a rope and left the pans the entire night in the salty water as ordered.

Next morning before the big event he went after the pans but the ropes untied and the pans were in the middle of the ocean.

He then proceeds explaining how did he found some of the pans and that he had to enter the restaurant,in the middle of the event,bringing the missing pans with him.

He lost his job though...

Usually this "SHOCKING" videos start when he says "next morning my boss said: Risitas bring the pans now!" the first laugh is he saying ~"the pans were lost in the tides"(or something like that).