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What Platforms will Cyberpunk 2077 release on?

PC/PS4/X1 19 90.48%
PC/NX/PS5/Xbox10/ 2 9.52%
Cross gen 0 0.00%

This is just some  wild speculation on my behalf after recent news but I think CDProjeckt Red will target next generation platforms for CyberPunk 2077's release. They're a proud team with huge ambitions and clearly PS4 and X1 halted their graphical ambitions somewhat with Witcher 3.

No Cyberpunk news til 2017:

No one expected this game to be released soon and the sight of it in 2015 wasn't even a given but them knowing full well that they won't "talk" about it til 2017, makes me think 2018 is the likeliest release. I don't think they want to be short changed again and  this coincides with my believe that this generation will be shorter then last with new consoles out in the next 4 years with full backwards compatibility and almost identical architecture. 

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Cyberpunk has had ongoing development since 2012. That would be one long development cycle if they waited for PS5 and Xbox 4, 2012-2018/19 would be 6-7 years, almost as long as FFXV xD

Nah, I think Cyberpunk will release this gen, probably 2017. Witcher 4 will target PS5 and Xbox 4 in 2019 or 2020.

Really it was originally marketed as being for PC, I'd rather they not stretch out after what happened with Witcher 3, I don't want Cyberpunk to suffer the exact same process, it's not going to be over the top in terms of budget as long as they actually mind what they do with their money.

Also I'd imagine the game coming out at least by 2018 and hopefully by then there won't be an form of compromises.


i remember the trailer for the game and then the game just dropped off the face of the earth

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CDProjeckt Red is a small team, and they just finished the Witcher 3, it's too early to expect anything from them for at least a year from now.

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