Forums - NSFW Discussion - At what age did you lose your virginity?


15 or younger 11 16.18%
16 4 5.88%
17 1 1.47%
18 3 4.41%
19 4 5.88%
20 3 4.41%
21 or older 11 16.18%
Haven't yet 31 45.59%

I did some stuff at 17, but other stuff came later. I was raised in a conservative area and influenced by that immoral 'wait until marriage stuff.'

Which does allow people to grow up and know themselves and perverts the meaning of marriage from making a new family together to permission to have sex. Marriage is too important to make it about sex.


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When I was nineteen and a few months. I remember that for a life I worried about premature ejaculation only for the opposite to happen to me. And the more I went the more my GF got wet to the point I couldn't feel a thing anymore. I actually started to "enjoy" it the third or fourth time I had sex (the first time with no condoms also), because even though she was on the pill, my GF didn't felt safe enough for sex without that damn plastic haha,

Either way, felt like posting on a NSFW thread because my current GF (the one I've just settled after a few weeks of Tinder dates, that app is the best thing ever) just sent me a nude pic without any input whatsoever from me. I'm feeling like a king right now, lol.