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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony to miss FY PlayStation 3 sales goal by 25%, Nomura report says

""Sony needs more must-have first party titles to sell consoles. Gamers know Halo 3 is coming on the Xbox 360, and they can expect Mario on the Wii, but there are no established first party franchises coming to the PS3 except Gran Turismo - and that is delayed." You know the playstation line was never dependent on its first party titles. It wasn't until recently that Sony really garnered quite a few successive hits. With videos' shown of the getaway, warhawk, heavenly sword, and the new game by Naughty dog you can consider those first party titles to look forward to. Not to mention warhawk and heavenly sword is due in march. But what everyone is forgetting is the third party games such as DMC4, MGS4, and final fantasy XIII. Already those games are going to draw attention and they are supposed to be due in 2007 in one form or another. besides there are a stable of games that the PS line has to look forward to. And If the games come out when they are supposed to the european launch is going to be better than both the japanese and the americans launch in terms of game selection. What makes this even more astounding is that the PS3 launch numbers sold better than the 360 launch numbers with a $600 dollar price point, 2 competitors in the market and a nonexistant selection of "awesome" launch titles (subjective opinion). the way I see it, when the big titles hit many people are going to start rearranging thier tunes.

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