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Forums - Music Discussion - The Official Game Music Recommendation Thread


Overall, do you prefer the original or remastered OSTs?

Original OST! 10 62.50%
Remastered OST! 4 25.00%
Doesn't matter... 2 12.50%

Nintendo Land:

Battle Quest-Ganon (Both Phases):

Battle Quest-Gerudo Valley:

Mario Chase-Slide Hill:

Metroid Blast-Invasion:

Metroid Blast-VS Kraid:

 Metroid Blast-Lower Norfair:

Metroid Blast-VS Ridley:

Nintendo Land-Credits:

Twister Race-Mute City:

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Atelier time!

Atelier Ayesha:

Terminus for Meruru:

Yesterday Opponents are Today's Ingridients:

Atelier Shallie:

Flying Clouds, Drifting Haze:

Kawaki no rinkaku:

Luto -The Controller:

Stella-Part 2:

Stella-Part 3:

Sweep-Part 3:

Atelier Escha & Logy:


Kitchen Dance:

Sky of Twilight:

Atelier Meruru:

Alchemist Girl Meruru Song:




Little Crown:

Persona 4 Golden

Shadow World (OP song)

Time to Make History

Heaven (Nanano theme)

Your Affection (sunny day)

Heartbeat Heartbreak (cloudy day)

A Corner of Memories


Time and Eternity:

Dragon of Ancient Times:

Memory Disorder:

Plains Field:

Toki Battle Theme:

Towa Battle Theme:

Metroid Prime

Meta Ridley Battle Theme:

Tallon Overworld:

Tallon Overworld (Theme 2):


Metroid Prime 2 Echoes

Torvus Bog Main Theme:

Vs. Emperor Ing B:


Metroid Prime 3 Corruption

Gandrayda Battle Theme:

Rundas Battle Theme:



Metroid Prime Trilogy

Main Theme:

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Tales of Xillia 2

Betting on the Last Guide:

Feast with Those who Transcend Dimensions:

For the Sake of Mutual Proof:

I Believe, I can Believe:

If It's For You Alone:

Proof of Choice:

Song 4 u (Opening Theme):

Splendid Spirit Dance:

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Aquaduct Assault:

Big Top Bop (World 1 Boss):

Busted Bayou:

Homecoming Hijinx:

Irate Eight (Tension) ~ Lockjaw's Saga:

Punch Bowl (World 5 Boss):

Sawmill Thrill:

Wing Ding:


On to my favorite game of all time, Super Mario 3D World

Bowser's Lava Lake Keep:

Double Cherry Pass:


Shifty Boo Mansion:

Super Bell Hill:

The Great Showdown at the Tower:

To the Sprixie Kingdom: 

World Bowser:

The Raiden Project OST - Opening
The Raiden Project OST - Repeated Tragedy

Kagero Deception 2 - The Shadow Which Runs
Kagero Deception 2 - Circle Of Fate
Kagero Deception 2 - Night Of The Hunter (Yocal's Theme)
Kagero Deception 2 OST: Wing of Darkness

The Raiden Project OST - Lightning War
The Raiden Project OST - Rough and Tumble