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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Get SSBB at Toys R us & get Z&W for 15$!

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Thats a pretty good deal. But if I lived in the USA I might have used it to get Mario and Sonic.

But then again, isn't it a waste of money to buy ANY game anywhere near the purchase of a smash brothers game?

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I don't know Ryudo, I see most people going for the Spiderwick chronicles...

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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Bugger that stof, Bee movie for me.

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For those who do buy it at TRU (I got SSBB tonight already at Play N Trade and Z&W couple weeks ago) and don't get Z&W with this deal should be gutted with a dull spoon

Z&W is such an amazing game.

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Holy shit is that Toys R Us ad already advertising for pre-orders for Wii Fit for May?

Lucky America. We have to wait forever for Brawl and deals like that never appear in Europe.

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that is a good deal
but i reserved at gamestop
i should have known...