Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Some dude is selling a microwaved nn3ds on ebay for $11,315

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Someone had to do it. I bet if he sold it before the microwave the buyer wouldn't even have tried to microwave it.

I bet now you're all happy there wasn't a charger in there too.

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He'll die the same way. Microwaved to death.

That's the most sadistic thing I have seen in the last hour. The internet is a cruel yet wondrous place...

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Damn. . .


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I see all these people in the comments saying things like ''he's going to die a microwaved death' or '' I hope he suffers an ironic death''

Ladies and gentlemen, it's just a handheld console, which he bought, which gives him the freedom to whatever he wants to do with it.

I mean come on, we're more than civilized enough to understand that it's not right to wish death upon another human being just because he burned something he bought.

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Yeah that's retarded i don't understand why people do this. This is what makes getting your hands on something rare even harder especially the classic stuff which this will be in like 20 years. Pointless, not funny, not cool.

That's just psycho.

That is one hell of a sticker...

It's sad this is even news.

The sad thing is, some tragedy will actually buy that.