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Oh man, good thread. Hope this gets updated a lot, so many GAMES.

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Anyone who thinks japanese games are dead clearly has never stepped foot in the games section of a japanese store.

Sadly I can't contribute, because nothing I buy here really counts as "import" :P

Details on the Senran Kagura part of the SK X DOA collaboration have surfaced.

Ayane from Ninja Gaiden (also DOA) will be available for Estival Versus as a paid DLC later

Probably unrelated, but there also seem to be a collaboration with the Ikkitôsen anime. 3 characters are already announced to be part of Estival Versus

Mutiple reports indicate that Senran Kagura Estival Versus is selling out in some locations.

Trader in Akihabara had "lines" on release day and states that the game is now in low supply throughout the district

Disc Pier in Osaka. No PS4 version remaining.

Same goes for some shop in western Tokyo

The Idolm@ster PS4 is under way in more info should come for the series' 10th anniversary this year

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Atlus announces Stella Glow for the US. imageepoch must charge nothing because almost all of their games get localized.

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Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi will launch in Japan on July 23 for 6,990 yen on PlayStation 4 and 5,990 yen on PlayStation 3.


Brings to mind if this one will make it over tot he west. I enjoyed Sengoku Basara on my PS3 years ago so be nice to play characters again on PS4.

Senran Kagura producer has confirmed that Marvelous shipped 100K Estival Versus across PSV and PS4 and that it was 80-90% sold through. More than 10K digital sales are also counted.

It is significantly above SK2 sales on 3DS. SK fans voted for Sony platforms with their wallets. WE TOOK IT BACK, GENTLEMEN!

Yesterday some random DQH2 screen appeared from nowhere. As it seems early for such an announcement, we could fear a hoax.

Turns out that the thing is legit, since it's official on SE's site

I'm kind of shocked that DQ:H2 turned out to be real. And for the Vita? Madness.

As for Senran Kagura, I'm very interested to see the next move for the series.