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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - If done right, could Kirby Air Ride be a huge hit for Nintendo?

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Could Kirby Air Ride be done right and be a SS?

It could be done right, but sell no systems 41 66.13%
It could be done wrong, and sell no systems 1 1.61%
It could be done right, a... 8 12.90%
It could be done wrong, b... 0 0%
It doesn't matter 3 4.84%
What's Kirby Air Ride? 9 14.52%
Samus Aran said:

You heard the fans, Nintendo should only make cheap games that are proven million sellers. So Kirby should remain your run of the mill 2D platformer without any challenge (unless you go for 100%).

I'd be down with a 3D Kirby game. Sadly Nintendo is only allowed to do budget titles.

I mean, I like the 2D Kirby's too, so I wouldn't mind another one of those, either. I just want a 3D one more because there are none. And who cares if Kirby isn't challenging. It's not supposed to be. There are plenty other platformers you can play if you want something difficult.

I play Kirby because it's cute, lighthearted, and fun. Heck, I'll even say I play is because it's easy. This isn't Zelda. It doesn't need to be harder to be more fun.

Well, this is new.