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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict 'Kirby & the Rainbow Curse' sales

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Will it outsell Indy 500 (Atari 2600)?

No 0 0%
No. 0 0%
nO. 4 23.53%
Yes. 13 76.47%

It's 40$, It's Kirby, It has been released in Japan, Feb 20th for NA, H2 for PAL. 


Potential future crow eaters:

fory77 69,969 FW JP, 666,666 LT WW
Mettalox 75k FW JP, 700k LT WW
*Sound Of Rain 680k
Bourtos 45k FW JP, 175k LT JP
Skullwaker 200k FW WW, 1.1M LT WW
Versus_Evil 53,286 FW JP, 410,560 LT WW
JWeinCom 745k WW, FW "I dunno... "
Jizz_Beard_thePirate 518008
atoker 650k lifetime?
uran10 35k JP, 150k WW FW, 700k-1m LT
spemanig 750k LT, Kirby brand > Toad brand
jetforcejiminy 100k FW JP, 800k LT, 1m+ ltd retail + digital
okr 1M LT
FloatingWaffles 1M LT at least.

Did you post your prediction? Yes? Good, now GTFO of this thread and have a nice day

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Kirby and the Rainbow Course, right?

75K FW in Japan.

My bet with The_Liquid_Laser: I think the Switch won't surpass the PS2 as the best selling system of all time. If it does, I'll play a game of a list that The_Liquid_Laser will provide, I will have to play it for 50 hours or complete it, whatever comes first. 


Put me down for about 680K

FW: 45k
LT: 175k

(Japan only of course)

200k FW worldwide.
1.1m LT WW.

Official Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Thread


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Boutros said:

FW: 45k
LT: 175k

(Japan only of course)

I was about to say...

Official Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Thread


Just vgc or digital too?

Anyways 745K WW

FW... I dunno...

JWeinCom said:
Just vgc or digital too?

VGC ofc.

I say 518008


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I could see it selling 250,000 because it looks boring to me, but if it gets good reviews then  Icould see 650,000

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