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Has anyone else noticed this? I'm not if this year was the turning point or if its been here for a while but there are black friday deals everywhere in the UK! I guess in the globalised internet age retailers were bound to take hold of the opportunity to instigate manic spending and equally consumers were bound to start demanding similar deals to their US counterparts.

Do you think this will be visible in higher then usual BF hardware sales this week?

'' Amazon is to blame since the online retailer was the first to put out Black Friday offers back in 2010. Asda, the supermarket owned by the American retailer Walmart, followed suit and the rest are playing catch-up.''

Black Friday Mayhem in the UK:

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Now bring those sweet deals to continental Europe please!

Same thing in Sweden, every store has BF offers. Can't remember that anyone had that last year.

Yup. It's pretty depressing actually. So many articles about people acting crazy over deals. So much so the police have been involved in some areas.

I'd imagine we'd see much higher BF sales than usual in the UK this year.


It happens in chains that started in US....

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Of course they did, they belong to the US.


Hmm, pie.

On the Irish PSN store today I noticed a BF deals section. It's def catching on.

First time I've really been aware of it.

Poor people.

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