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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Predict the new features for Majora's Mask 3D




What new features do you think will be added for the new 3DS remaster? Will there be any?

I think they'll add the gossip stone's video hints like on OoT 3DS. I think they'll also be a way to freeze time while in a temple just to *slightly* reduce the stress of the 3-day time frame. I think the redead scavenger hunt will be revamped to be more reasonable.

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I think they will do something with the the time to add more tolerance for newer players. ~Thank you Stefl1504 for the amazing sig~





also Clocktown without loading between the different sections (if that counts as feature)

It will have 3D.

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I hope they make some parts of the game regarding where the **** to go and what to do actually make sense this time. The temples can stay as challenging as ever, but jesus a lot of the things you had to do to get to the frickin' temples leave too much open for interpretation.

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Here's hoping any adjustement to time is just when you start you pick EASY mode and then that means the days are twice as long or something noob friendly, or I should say hardcore gamer friendly.

Well there will be a boss rush mode... but that sort of already existed in majora's mask..

I can only hope there will be a master quest-esque second challenge!

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