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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Super Metroid Vs Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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What's your answer?


Super Metroid for me


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Super Metroid is better. It is very close though. 2nd and 3rd best games of all time respectively...

You really need a third option in the poll:


     "I refuse to pick a favorite between these two masterpieces."

kupomogli said:
Scisca said:

Wow, thanks for the info!! So I'm gonna get the Dracula X Chronicles

Just want to let you know that Symphony of the Night, Rondo of Blood, and Rondo of Blood Peke don't start out unlocked though.  If you play through the game thorougly though they're actually easy to get.

In the remake there are areas where you can find unlockables.  Most unlockables are hidden rocks that you break away, but SotN is in a gravestone at the end of the alternate stage three.  You need a subweapon like the axe, dagger, or cut down a platform held up by vines to get to the top section.  Rondo of Blood is on stage four.  If you get to the boss room, just don't go in, go back down stairs and hit the wall to the right to open up another path.  It's past that pathway in a candle at the top of some platforms.

The developers wanted people to play through the game and unlock them rather than just starting the games off as playable.

Wow. So retro.

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I feel like Symphony of the Night is a bit more action-y than the (I'll even dare to say quasi-minimalist) Super Metroid, so ultimately I guess it's up to whether you like your Metroidvania one way or the other.

At the end of the day I'd probably go with SM, as I'm not a big RPG fan and didn't quite care for those elements in SotN. That's my problem though, not the game's.

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I didn't like the RPG elements in Castlevania, so SUPA METROID gets my vote.

Super Metroid is the zenith of 2D gaming. Look at all the indie games trying to be like it. Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission don't even come close to breaking new ground and innovation (still fun games though) Symphony of the Night was excellent, and still is (though I prefer Circle of the Moon and Dawn of Sorrow, just a little bit more) but it was excellent because it drew inspiration from Super Metroid.

Updated with new poll options. And yes,I intentionally misspelled them.

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I like the gameplay of SM more. I love both series, but SM is probably the best title of either run.

SoTN is a fantastic game, and it did a great job adapting the Metroid style to the CV formula. The only problem I would say, is that Konami STUCK with that style almost exclusively for their 2D CV games from then on.

It's hard to say, SotN is one of the best games ever made in my opinion. Not THE best CV, to me that's Super CV 4, hands down. Amazing game, top to bottom. But SotN is up there.

But as for best "Metroid-vania style game ever"? Sorry, but that has to go to Super Metroid. Not only did it pave the way (after Metroid 1 and 2 set a VERY good prototype standard), but as a game it is basically flawless, outside of a "takes some getting used to" wall jump mechanic. It's fun to explore, the world is compelling, the atmosphere, the graphics, the ambient soundtrack, the boss fights, everything about that game was nearly flawless, and incredibly memorable. It wins, just by virtue of being so goddamn good.