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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rise of the Tomb Raider but till not make me wish have a xbox 1 ,why?


would u buy an Xbox just for this game or what u do

yes i buy an Xbox just for this game 13 14.44%
no i buy an Xbox just for this game 5 5.56%
i wait to come on PC or ps4 49 54.44%
not getting and not suppo... 23 25.56%


so  after the Announcement of Tomb Raider 2 that will be xbox exclisive , i know is a good game i loved the 1st one ,
but knowing that all the games coming to ps4 ,many new ips ,and great franchises , maybe thats why
 I do not feel the need to buy an xbox just to play the game,,   
what is your opinion, you would buy an Xbox just for this game

update.. they mentioned 2015 exclusive. this may mean something

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I'm not sure if anyone but the most diehard Tomb Raider fans would purchase the console just for that one game.

Tomb Raider combined with all the other great exclusives like Quantum Break, MCC, Sunset Overdrive, etc is what really sells the console to people. A collection of great exclusives.

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BenVTrigger said:

Ok, i'm stealing that xD

had to post this

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Nahh, not really but so far, none of the games really want to make me buy either of the consoles except MGSV. Then again, I am on a slight budget these days so theres that


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I would never buy an X1. Tr is timed anyway.

I'm not getting it because i have a funny feeling that the game will eventually come out to other systems, the timed exclusivity game has been going on long enough that I can wait the extra time

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You actually used a Hindi soap opera gif?

I've seen it now

i like the first one and want to play the next one, but only if is available on the ps4.

X1 and ps4 are so similar that i dont see the point of having both consoles =|