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Forums - Sony Discussion - Did Sony talked about more than 8mi PS4?

(I'm on vacation at my family farm and bound to use a slow and expencive 3G conection, so I couldn't watch any video stream.)

I thought and bet (with some here I don't recall) that at the Sony E3 opening speach one of the things the executive would say was that PS4 had broke the 8mi mark, being the most successfull console launch ever.

Did they talk something on that line?

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No sales numbers from what I remember. For anything.


I don't think so. Either way, we already know they reached 8 million!

Yup no dales numbers show suxed


Also you cannot expect Sony to issued a statement every time the PS4 passes another million in sales. I will suspect that when ps4 passes 10 million a big deal will be made of it.


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At this point there is no reason anymore to talk about hitting new milestones, because it would run counterproductive to the message Sony wants to convey. If the belief that the PS4 is doing amazing shall persist, you simply cannot confirm that sales have slowed down dramatically. (They were roughly one million per month for the first quarter of this year, now they are pretty much down to half a million per month. Easy to verify since the announcement for 7m came in early April.)

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I was actually surprised that they didnt mention it. I guess it would have been too obvious a dig at microsoft.

Nope but they mentioned resolution a few times.

When is the may NPD?