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Ha! My collection of PS3s beats yours as you didn't even show one in your picture and I have one!

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NO I CANT.... i have good collection of about 48 games though... also im glad to see that you also bought the limited edition of Zone of the Enders HD Collection, that game deserves some LOVE.

I have over 300 PS3 games. It looks like you have roughly 250?

And I have a little over 500 total games.

I am the Playstation Avenger.


pbroy said:

ehhmm... AH!... HHMMMmm.... could you... like... give me one of those? i mean im sure you only need one XD.

imho there is not enough good games to rival you so you win :)

(i just have like 50-60 games) you seem to have ~250

Oh yeah I have 6 PS3 consoles :)

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I think I have you beat ... in a way at least. Right now I have 171 sealed unopened ps3 games. My ultimate goal is to have a complete sealed ps3 collection (at least with North American titles ... not sure if I want to get Japanese exclusives and the European exclusives as well).

Yes, I have played/am playing the majority of these games. I typically rely on Playstation Plus, cheap used games, and rentals in order to both play games and have a sealed collection.

I organize my collection into three separate areas.....

The top shelf includes games I have completed. The shelf right below it includes games I am working on now (have second copy of each one as I mentioned above, I will keep these all sealed).



This is the main part of my sealed ps3 collection. Keep in mind, I was mostly on Xb360 last generation so the majority of the collecting has been done in the past year or so after I switched focus to Sony systems (currently collecting PS3, Vita, and, most recently, PS4).

I also have a lot of collector's editions as well, but I don't keep those sealed ... love those statues lol.

Liked your collection as well! Maybe I'll make a video to show more of my collection if I get time.

I can't.
But bonkers can ;)

My console of choice last generation was the Xbox 360 (164) so my PS3 (52) collection mostly consists of exclusives and JRPGs. Though my DS collection is in the high 200s if that counts :D

I can't beat that, but 7thLevelReviews can.

I'm not that rich. *sobbing quietly*

Need something off Play-Asia?