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Is This The New Guerrilla Games IP?

Recently, an inside source has shared a few very interesting photos with me. These photos are the work of Luc de Haan, a Dutch concept artist over at Guerrilla Games. We all know the people behind Killzone are working on a new IP, and rumor has it that this IP is an RPG, most likely open world. This concept art does support the RPG rumor, if this turns out to be true.  

Haan has already shared these pictures with the internet (which you can find on his website here), claiming them to be a “personal project”, which could actually mean these are just a part of a personal project, but that could easily be a cover since the new IP isn’t announced yet. You can view these pieces of concept art down below. If you want to view them larger, simply click on the image. There are even more on his website, but these are just the ones my source sent me.    





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Here is another pic.

oh snap. that looks great. Hope it's true

Sony and GG, please dont do pre mature reveal if its not ready.

I doubt GG and Sony would let the guy just upload those to the internet. But then again, could be stealth marketing.

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Looks like destiny met witcher


Just a question: is it normal for someone to copyright protect personal work? All pictures are copyright protected.


Am I the only one who got reminded of RuneScape by those pictures? :/