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Aura7541 said:
Hardware can only be more powerful if replaced with better hardware. Period. No amounts of software and API optimization will make hardware more powerful, but just bring that piece of hardware closer to yielding its maximum output.

Possibilities = Hardware? Ok

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Pemalite said:
JEMC said:

Of course, it's just like AMD when talking about Mantle and BF4 claiming huge gains that weren't really seen in the game. It is PR talk.

But the important part here is that they are working on a better optimization of the drivers, like Microsoft.

With Mantle there was massive gains.
Just not on anything resembling semi-decent modern hardware. :P

You would see a much much much larger improvement using Mantle on say... a Core 2 Duo/Quad @2ghz than you would on a Core i7 6 cores @ 4.5ghz+
The main focus of mantle at-least initially was to significantly reduce the CPU overhead from draw cells and it achieved that with flying colours, the bonus is that lower-end PC's benefit greatly, making high-end PC games more accessible to more machines.

AMD have stated they will work towards reducing GPU overhead, but I remain skeptical on that particular front.

I also need a Low-Profile GCN card to test it on the core 2 rig of mine.

My bad.

I always forget to look at the lower spec. PC to see the gains it brings. And it was the same with Thief.

Please excuse my bad English.

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