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Keep Kinect in the box the whole time if possible. Ride the storm out and keep offering good software. The generation is wayyyyy to early for defeat.

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VanceIX said:
$399 Confirmed for the fall. This is great for Sony and MS fans. Gaming is going to get Really interesting with games and price cuts. YEAAAAAAAAAAA!

With or without Kinect? If with, there may be some actual competition in the US at least. Without, I doubt much changes. If they do without, the price should be $350, or it's just a PS4 with 30% less power. $350 will be super competitive in every territory, and will really close the gap in the NA market, at the very least. 

With, I do not think they will remove it.

All MS needs to do is stand tall and try win back NA and the UK and everything will be fine. Getting some head way in Japan wouldn't hurt either, even if that one is a long shot.

How do Microsoft hopes to release better games than all the ones that are out when they already released the GOTG?

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