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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Wal-Mart to Enter Used Video Games Market From Next Week...Day of Reckoning! Gamestop shares drop 5 percent! In store credit for whatever you want!

So instead of getting ripped off at Gamestop I can go get ripped off Walmart! At least I won't have people trying to sell me subscriptions to shitty magazines.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

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Thats pretty cool actually. I would rather buy from Walmart than ebgames anyday


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So far Best Buy is the best value in used game trade ins IMHO. Right now I can get $40 for BF4 and AC4 each. While Gamestop is offering $40.00 for Titanfall. Couldn't tell you what they will offer for BF4 or AC4 as they don't make it easy to get that info unless you step foot into an actual store but I doubt it is more than $25.

WalMart is supposed average around $35 for trade ins so that still beats GS. At this point you are an idiot if you choose GS over Wal-Mart or Best Buy. Heck, you were always better off ebaying your games but $40 bucks from Best Buy can't be beat.