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2014/2015 will be the Year of Yoshi.

Yes, that is great. 42 57.53%
Yes, I don't like it. 17 23.29%
No, that's good. 7 9.59%
No, but I would like it. 6 8.22%

Year of Yoshi I hope it is ;o

After that, they should have Year of Kirby :O


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Not the worst thing in the world although I would prefer something like the Year of Metroid...
Year of Luigi had a bunch of Luigi games but also had other zomfg quality games as well


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Clearly hinting that it will be the year of Birdo... Come on Nintendo Birdo needs her own game!!!

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Give me my year of Golden Sun or Fire Emblem instead. I like Yoshi but this is not what Nintendo needs right now.

When year of luigi will end again? Was something in this march rigth, with the closure of luigi community? Whats the date again? Well, just bear in mind that we will have a exceptional manitence going this thursday, usual direct day. So yeah, could be it. Yet, is the same day of disclosure off NPD numbers, so nitendo really need to draw attention for other thing than down 3DS and WiiU sales YoY.

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curl-6 said:
If it means Yarn Yoshi arrives this year, I'm all for it.

This. Exactly, this. And it's the only reason I would care one way or the other. 

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Year of Yoshi, believe it!

It's quite posible.

There's a eShop maintenance next week which hints at a Nintendo Direct.
They could announce Yoshi for Smash and show a new Yarn Yoshi trailer.
A Yoshi track for MK8 or Yoshi DLC for 3D World are possibilities, too.

But it's little strange that the Yoshi DLC for Sonic Lost World is already released.

HyrulianScrolls said:
Unfortunately I think Nintendo will announce the Year of Yoshi, and it's one of the stupidest things they could do right now. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, but even I know that a Year of Yoshi will do absolutely NOTHING to help Nintendo right now. There's plenty of fans that won't even care, let alone non-diehard Nintendo fans. They need to be focusing on getting the Wii U in the game, not wasting any effort on something pointless.

I think with the Year of Luigi Nintendo has been doing the best advertisement for months and the advertisement is something Nintendo needs to improve. I mean with this "Year of..." thing they caught some attention, something they missed with the Wii U. But you are right. A lot of people won't care but I think it is better than nothing. So I would say it isn't wasted effort as long as they don't lose the focus to concentrate on the problems they have with the Wii U.

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