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We all know that the Xbox One and PS4 have a lot of games in common, and I mean a lot! Is it worth buying a second console for a handful of exclusives?! How many games would you buy that second console for?! Could it be one if you're really hyped?! 

I've heard it said that when the price of the games I want on that console are equal to it's price, sounds very reasonable. Almost too reasonable. Any thoughts. Yes, I bought all 3 consoles last gen and I might do the same this gen after a year or two.

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More worth it than last gen imo. I had all 3 last gen. Just 2 this gen I think.

Now they have fixed that god awful ds3 I am more inclined to get a PS4 to compliment the ONE.

I will have one before the end of the year probably.... just need some games worth playing first. Don't like either Killzone or Infamous so I am happy to wait for now.

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Depends how much disposable income you have that isn't going towards saving up for education/car/house/wedding



Same situation with the consoles reversed. Quantum Leap and Fable might get me to buy an Xbox One, and Microsoft might have an amazing E3. I preferred the Xbox 360's controller to the DS3, but the DS4 is amazing.

It always worth having each console in the generation if you enjoy gaming. I pick up each console at different stages of their lives so that I don't miss out on any great exclusives. The only console I skipped was the Wii.

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If you like the exclusives and have the money then there is no harm to be honest. Personally, i wouldn't get both X1 and PS4 as i'm not so keen on Microsoft's exclusives. Wii U and PS4 will do for me. 

Also, i wouldn't recommend both X1 and PS4 if you were into multiplayer alot due to the subscriptions. 

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No. You can play most of Xbox's big game on PC, and you can only play 1st party Sony games on PlayStation.

Not yet, but will be soon. Devs are starting to move to current gen rather quickly. While I expect sports, CODs, movie tie ins, Lego, Just Dance, etc to be cross plat for at least 3-4 more years, new games will more often than not be 8th gen only as seen by Batman AK.

Yes, you'll get better tv interaction with the X1 and you'll get the majestic Sony exclusives and third party exclusives that will come once the ps4 start snowballing in sales.

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Right now NOPE. but in 2-3 years i would think so.