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We all know AAA-games and Indie-games, but which of the two is generally better? AAA Games may have a high budget and amazing graphics and other polished aspects (at least they're supposed to be polished.. *cough*), but Indie games are sometimes better. They may be coded by small dev teams and won't impress the way AAA games do, but Indies explore different opportunities with a low budget. Games like Minecraft or Super Hexagon couldn't have been formed if the games were AAA, simply because AAA-games are expected to have a quality that Indie games are not bound to. (This is also why we see that some Indie games get a crazy high metascore compared to high-budget AAA games) Of course at the same time franchise like Zelda could never be as good as they are now if it wasn't AAA.

So what do you think? Do you generally have a better experience with AAA games or Indies?

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The innovation is created with indie games.
Much the same as Hollywood is not really innovative.
They bring in new directors, writers etc, but the men in suits do not like to take big risk.
The same can be said about tech companies. The big 10 like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM etc do not innovate much, they BUY innovation.

I love both and I think to get the full experience you need to play both types of games.

i say indie.lately aaa games getting rated badly

First Party: AAA > Indie is most cases
Third Party: Indie >= AAA with exceptions such as GTA V and bioshock and etc


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Today Indie > AAA.

But some AAA >>>>>>>>>>> Indie.

I usually enjoy AAA games more then indies.

Its much harder to be disappointed with indie games because you never expect as much. Its very hard to be general though because quality can vary so much. I'd say some AAA games can be way better than indies but a lot can be much worse.

I really liked Journey, not a single AAA title gave me that experience.

More and more I find myself getting more enjoyment out of indie titles. I find myself not even being motivated to buy too many AAA games from both disappointment and apathy concerning their content and gameplay.