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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Official VGC Bravely Default Friend Codes Thread

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Because Rol is a lazy bastard and also gave the game a 6.5/10 since we've saved the world like 1000 times already I'm sure. This is purely a Friend Code thread for Bravely Default for people that want to add others, not a general Friend Code thread, so if you don't have the game, meh.

dahuman: 2020-0953-8732

ArtofAngels: 5300-8531-5499

domflo: 0688-5246-1633

ktay95: 3952-7166-8116

lestatdark: 4468-2287-0965

Mnementh: 4511-1768-7903

orniletter: 4854-6519-7887

RolStoppable: 4940-5524-9113 1693-1954-8759

TiagoCosta: 3480-3350-9651

Vas-y: 3695-0102-7995

outlawauron: 4339-2890-8211

Sincerity: 4124-6298-3266

Bajablo: 4553-9947-9017

Dadrik: 4699 - 7133 - 9453

Shakarak: 3497-0173-6950

Super_Boom: 5412-9952-3828

Akiran: 4270-1638-6845

JWeinCom: 0275-8182-8818

Jizz_Beard_thePirate: 4768-7451-3650

Slade6alpha: 3308-4682-0015

arthurchan35: 3239-3175-8764

Tatewaki75: 1950-8250-0379

cantaim: 5257-9148-4874

Galaki: 0946-2336-9016

Euphoria14: 0705-2223-9813

Veknoid_Outcast: 5413-0628-0079

TheKoreanGuy: 0361-6681-1433

Dark Requiem: 2277-6643-2184

WiiBox3: 4613-8107-2443

If you want to be added to the list, just reply with friend code.

General discussion here:

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my fc is 0276-8182-8818. Add me to the list please.

Just make this the official thread instead of having 2 different ones!

Mine is 4768-7451-3650


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I was going to make a 3DS friend code sharing thread, but this works too!

Mine is: 3308-4682-0015
Wish my damn copy got here.

FEEL FREE TO ADD ME!!!!!!!!! :)

Edit: Didn't even know there was a 3Ds friend sharing thread.

Edit (2): Wow... didn't know what provisional added friend meant. So both users that add MUST add each other. If one does add, but the other does not it's called a provisional. And there is no notification with adding friends... Good job Nintendo.

Edit (3)- So if you add me, contact me on here, so I can add you, I added a few people here so far.

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Got my limited Bravely Default. eager to add friends!!!!
FC: 3239-3175-8764



ID: arthurchan35

Finally got the game n played it for a bit, but now I'm not as eager to take advantage of these wireless features, namely friend summons. Just seems too cheap using uber powerful summons at this stage of the game, so I think I'll only use it as a last resort.

tagging so I remember to add everyone today

JWeinCom said:
my fc is 0276-8182-8818. Add me to the list please.

doesn't work

I have the game, so add me please. My FC is: 3368 2335 2389

Nintendo Network ID: DaRevren

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