24 in two months... been gaming for 20 years now... good old atari and intelllivision days.

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15 years on earth here.

There is people over 30 in here? Go back to your pyramids.

16 here, i didnt realize how much older everyone on here was

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21 and I don't even look a day over 20

I'm 20. Soon to graduate and head off to law school...

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22 and I look... well, lets just say graphics aren't everything.

21, heh, I'd like to see a few more young people and some even older people for a little more rounding out the scale, but not bad.



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Almost 22, 18 years playing...

I really hope to have some kids in the future like yours (Lovers of great games) to play with, but I guess I will have to wait and play with my brother until the kids come and grow up :P

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WiiGirl76 said:
30, waaah.. weeeh... boohooo.. no serious I am 30

 Seriously, 30 is great. I'm 30 and I love it :D Average age of a gamer :D well for ps3 anyways :P

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