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Forums - Gaming Discussion - next dominant video game genre in my opinion

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First of all, congratulations on your first thread

Secondly, I think you might be right. I don't know if a single genre will dominate, but I could definitely see more and more games, from different genres, explore open worlds. The technology of today allows dynamic open worlds more easily; publishers can sell its "limitless" possibilities; and consumers seem to respond to the freedom and diversity that come with this type of virtual world.

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Witcher is not a 3rd person shooter, theres not even guns involved, Geralt dont use bows or crosbows either. And Im pretty sure they will cause of of the perks of the new generation is allowing this vast open words to run whithout hicups. I prefer linear storys with some openess, like The Last of US, Tomb Raider or the Mass Effect series, than when the game is completly open. It feels like the game looses a lot of focus with the openess, I cant find the motivation in me to explore the world with no real purpose, but thats my opinion.

Open world/sandbox games are going to be big over this generation. Next year alone we should have; Metal Gear Solid V, Watchdogs, Batman Arkham _, Assassin's Creed, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Plus a whole load of other games that fits in the genre/sub genre.

Although, first person shooters (I feel) are going to remain the most popular.. just like last gen.

I think what you mean is 3rd person perspective, action adventure games. Some of these are more focused with shooting, sword/melee combat and/or platforming. Quite a wide range to this sub genre.

Yes, it is already quite popular and the upcoming titles also look quite promising.

i think ASSFAGGOTS will beat all other genres. it gives a quick fix, it allready has millions of player it is simple but rewarding(and the reward system isnt broken like in fps). its easy to learn but hard to master and it can run on any device-

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I love gta and open world games in general.

sorry meant to say 3rd person open world games not 3rd person shooters

Aw man I was hoping you'd say indies and I could retire.

Seriously though I can see that. Open world games are exploding.

vivster said:

No.Simple reason? There were enough great 3rd person games in the last gen and they didn't establish the genre. Well they did and there are enough of them today but it will never be as dominant as FPS. MAybe we'll see more FP open worrld games though.

Also you named Witcher a 3rd person shooter and then forgot Infamous SS?

sorry meant to say 3rd person open world games not 3rd person shooters