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What is the best New Super Mario Bros. Game?

New Super Mario Bros. DS 28 17.50%
New Super Mario Bros. Wii 24 15.00%
New Super Mario Bros. 2 10 6.25%
New Super Mario Bros. U 98 61.25%

NSMBU (by far) > NSMBWii > NSMB2, haven't played NSMB DS

Best level design since Super Mario World.

But: almost no innovation and it's disappointing  that it's only 720p. DKC: TP is surely more demanding and 1080p.

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d21lewis said:
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d21lewis said:
MohammadBadir said:
my favorite is NSMB DS solely because of the Mario Vs. Luigi mode

Forgot about those.  Used to have sooo much fun playing those games.  They need those games on Wii U!

are you thinking of the minigames? yeah those were fun too, but man that Mario Vs. Luigi mode is so damn fun, i still play it almost daily.

Yeah, the mini games.  Couldn't find anybody good enough to compete with me in the other mode.  No fun being dominant.

The other day my brother picked up his DS and my copy of NSMB out of boredom and he ended up getting over 300 stars in that game where you need to find the missing head.

They all suck imo. 

I'm probably one of the very few Nintendo fans on this planet who has never owned any of the NSMB games.

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Well, I have played every New Super Mario Bros. except for the WiiU one. I think the Wii one is the best. It felt very atmospheric. NSMB2 felt a bit bland, but I got back to playing it and I'm quite enjoying the game. The first one on DS was cute, but I wasn't impressed cause I got to play it like ages after its release.

Welp, NSMBWii is my pick.

I'm surprised by the amount of love the WiiU one got. I found it really bland and boring..... The Wii one was much more fun in my opinion.

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I have only played the first three, will pick up NSMBU sometime next year. Anyway, there was something just so refreshing about NSMB. While the other ones were "better" I ended up playing NSMB the most (not sure if I just got really good at finding all the secrets in the later versions or because I enjoyed the game more). The Mario Vs. Luigi mode was a ton of fun as well, my friend and I used to play it constantly. Besides, nothing compares to getting the Mega Mushroom for the first time.

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Super Mario Galaxy will pass Super Mario 64 in total sales CORRECT!

i liked NSMB 2 and its focus on coins