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So, I just picked up State of Decay from the sale that's going on right now on xbox and so far, I'm really digging the game.  Can't believe I didn't pick this up sooner.  

So, over on wikipedia and bloody-disgusting, I read that "Class4 will be one of the first zombie massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) to come to the Xbox One."  

After having played Class3 or State of Decay, I am pumped for a sequel already, especially given the mmo aspect and dedicated servers for the xbox one.  

Anyone else excited?  Does anyone know when we can expect the sequel to land?

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I love state of decay, I would definitely buy the sequel. I just started playing it again 2 days ago, great survival game!

I have been tempted by it on the Steam sale, but I was wondering if they've got rid of all the bugs that were apparently there at launch

I've never played it, just watched loads of videos of it online

If it can beat DayZ to full release it'll have my attention.

Uh State of Decay was the worst 20 bucks I paid for a game. It was a okay game at best and I was really pressured into buying the game by other friends (never again).

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State of Decay was already my personal GOTY and the Breakdown DLC just made it even better. Should check it out when you get a chance, it makes it more of a sandbox experience and really ups the difficulty.