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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Does anyone else miss Onimusha?

Onimusha was one of my favorite IPs on the PS2.

I certainly miss it, and it´s one of the franchises I´d really like to see come back, though I´m not sure  it´d turn out to be a great game, considering Capcom  doesn´t have as much quality as they did back then (imo).

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I hope they do a HD Remake...

I do, I loved 2 and 3, the first one I didnt play so much but from what I did I liked it very much.

Dawn of dreams was good, I didnt like it as much as the others but it was still ok.

I hope they make one for ps4, maybe reboot or just another game

Yes, I miss it a lot. It was so creepy. It had one of the most unique atmospheres of any game franchise I've ever played. It really felt like a crazy Japanese horror/samurai film. Even the third one, which had the weirdest vibe ever, somehow worked. I still remember playing through the first one in a panda costume ...

I remember the first one being major PS2 showcase for friends. Not sure people be okay with pre-rendered backgrounds, but I can imagine how beautiful it could look on a PS4.

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I really miss this game series. Had a lot of fun with it.

Well Capcom rather invests their money and ressources into phone games, So maybe you will get Onimusha with fucking touch controls

Onimusha was great, one of my favourite franchises on PS2. Loved the two first games, but the third one felt a bit bland really.

I miss Jean Reno, yeah.

I was just thinking about this series today. I really love the series. Specially the fourth one because it had an RPG feel to it.