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DucksUnlimited said:
Jeff Gordon will be making an appearance in Mario Kart. Not as a playable character, but as a stage

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I'm sure they'll just announce something to do with hair again. Possibly that Bayonetta has another new hairstyle. Or maybe that you can change her hairstyle whenever?

Well, anything to do with hair.

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Nintendo announces that they bought crash bandicoot from Activision and are a making a crash bandicoot game at the scale of mario galaxy. they also announce he will be a playable characte in Smash Bro's and his super power is the ability to feed off the tears of sony fanboys

Knowing nintendo it will be wii music U 2

iceland said:
1ds reveal, don't ask questions.



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I have been to the future, and their surprise is obviously a new massive shooter, but the main character is non-specific action figure, who has a back story similar to captain america.

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FF type 0 coming to 3ds

Yarn Starfox.

new donkey kong trailer that reveals cranky kong

You need to have more fait:

Steel Diver: Sub Wars!!!

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