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Forums - PC Discussion - How's Rome 2 Total War nowadays?

I know it sucked ass at launch. CA, however, has a history of always supporting its games and fixing issues consistently. To Rome 2 players out there, can you tell me if the issues have been fixed already?

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Still pretty god damn broken but it's a guilty pleasure due to the time period. Seriously though, the ai is still terrible, the turn times towards the mid to end game take far too long and the game still slows to a crawl on the world map for no reason. I'd only recommend it if you're really bored of Rome 1, Medieval 2, Shogun 2 and Empire. The games saving grace are the mods. TW games tend to have a dedicated community.

Source: I got 100 hours in the game.

What makes the AI terrible? Can you give me an example?

bugrimmar said:
What makes the AI terrible? Can you give me an example?

Well on the map they'll do innane things such as not pressing their advantage when they have one or just not traversing the map in general, also they engage in diplomacy in an arbitrary manner. Also in battle the ai still goes benny hill on you and you can have massive sweeps where 500 of your men can wipe out 2000 of theirs with ease on very hard. 

I think what keeps me coming back though is that I'm bored of the UI from Empire/Shogun 2 so I don't mind how Rome 2 lets you manage all your provinces. Just wish it had a family tree and better implemented political gameplay.

I've played 40 hours, but not come back to it for a while

I think it is generally a very fun game with many great things, but the campaign structure is slightly broken. The second half of the campaign has just been me steam rolling absolutely everyone. The civil war mechanic didn't change everything in the way it did the old total war games, or like the Real Divide in Shogun

Patches will help, but I think that it has structural flaws as well as the technical flaws. Still worth playing though!

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Screw this game, better play rome 1 with rome resurrection mod if you want to realy enjoy romans


Rome 2 is looking a lot better than at launch, but that all depends on your hardware. Mine runs a lot better. The turn times don't take five minutes, the graphics are much better and the FPS is drastically improved. The random crashes to desktop are still as bad though, possibly even more common. This is all on my Steam copy.