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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Results: VGC's Top 50 Games of the Generation

tbone51 said:
i think you should of did separate categories imo. Not fair for M$ o.O

The winner is TLoU !!! Too early to tell imo but i knew UC2 would easily be on top

I did last year but it wasnt the same.  There may not be very many msft fans on this site but seeing as some of them ranked it shows you how good those games are to stand up against brands that vastly outnumber them on this site

Plus it is a VGC tournament so it should tailor to VGC's opinions

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I would have liked to see GTA V a little higher, but the top 10 are all solid

Bioshock didn't make the top 10?


archbrix said:

Bioshock didn't make the top 10?


yeah Bioshock is definitely better than Skyrim.

I don't get why people like Skyrim so much, it has terrible combat and so many glitches. 

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Yeah, SKyrim is big and empty like the people say. I still prefer Oblivion because it was my first of the kind and cause I played some goods hours. But if I was voting considering how I feel about it right now, it wouldn't have entered my list. Same goes to Fallouts, etc.

FFXIII I agree is kinda high since it was a forgettable/annoying grinding title of SE. However Ni No Kuni deserves that spot at least. Didn't play many jrpgs this gen though.

Dark/Demon's Souls where they deserve :)

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UC2 and TLOU are awesome, but best games of the generation? naw.

How are there 50+ games better than Borderlands 2 ? I can't believe it didn't make this list...