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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Predict which game will be released before, The Last Guardian or Kingdom Hearts III

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Which game will be released before, KHIII or The Last Guardian

Kingdom Hearts III 35 54.69%
The Last Guardian 23 35.94%
Neither of those, both wi... 6 9.38%
BasilZero said:
Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2015

The Last Guardian in 20XX.

You're being way too hopefull, lower your expectations.

Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2015

Last Guardian in 2XXX.

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KH3, because The Last Guardian is destined to be the glimmer of Hope that'll guide us through generations.

Shenmue 3 will be released before both of them.

If we are lucky, The last guardian will be ready by 2020. Kingdom Hearts III is a lie, we won't get the game until 2025. Meanwhile we will get 6 more spin off games.

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I was going to say Guardian but then i saw option 3. So that.

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Optimistic me

Final Fantasy XV - 2014
Last Guardian - 2015
Kingdom Hearts III - 2016

Pessimistic me adds a good 3-5 years to them all.

hahahaha, i bet FIFA 17 will release first than KH3