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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Whats your favorite Nintendo character?

sorry if someone made this before but i was bored and i was searching nintendo characters on google and i just had to make this. so tell me your favorite nintendo character mine is Zelda!!! and if you want you can post some pics of your favorite character!! and also say your most hated, my most hated is peach, i hate her!!!

ENJOY!! ^_^

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My favorite is Link. I hate the Ice Climbers.

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link all the way

Wario. Was my avatar on my last account

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Well, I think the title should ask "who", but my answer is Donkey Kong.

He was my official hero during my childhood.




what about your most hated???

My favorite is probably Samus. I don't have a least favorite. Well maybe Kirby or Jigglypuff as my least favorites.


Favorite- Mario

HAtest- Waluigi, hammer bros, and Bidoof