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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What are your Top 10 Favorite Nintendo franchises

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What is the best Nintendo franchise?

Mario 9 13.04%
Zelda 27 39.13%
Metroid 7 10.14%
Smash Bros. 8 11.59%
Pokemon 7 10.14%
Fire Emblem 5 7.25%
Starfox 1 1.45%
Donkey Kong 0 0%
Pikmin 2 2.90%
other 2 2.90%

Advance Wars
Mario Kart

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that's my list :P

1. Kirby
2. Animal Crossing
3. Super Smash Bros
4. Donkey Kong
5. Mario (I'm generalizing 3D, 2D and RPG altogether)
6. Mario Kart
7. Metroid
8. F-Zero
9. Classic Kid Icarus
10. Legend of Zelda

1. Metroid: It's my favorite gaming franchise of all time. I love every game in the series except for other m. Everything about Metroid is perfect to me.

2. Zelda: Though it's last 4 entries have been disappointments, I still really like Zelda. Wind Waker, OOT, MM, and ALTTP are all fantastic games.

3,Smash Bros: I've spent the most time in this series. It's really IMO the best local multiplayer game of all time.

4. Pikmin: Very fun and unique series, I eagerly anticipate the next entry.

5. Mario: Galaxy, Sunshine, Galaxy 2, 64, and Super Mario World are all great plats

6. Fire Emblem: Relatively new to the series, but really loved what I played.

7. Animal crossing: So addicting.

8: Pokemon: Have played the series off and on but never consistently. Loved most of what I've played

9. DK: Donkey kong 64 was my first video game,I love the old donkey kong country games, and the new one was really fun

10: Starfox: While it only has one entry to it's name, I really like that entry. I wish the series got the treatment it deserved. Would be higher if it actually received good games.

1. zelda
2. smash bros.
3. metroid
4. pikmin
5. new super mario series (wii, u)
6. x and mecha-x
7. star fox
8 super mario 3d world (very convinced it's the 1st in a series)
9. kid icarus (mostly based on hope and potential)
10. donkey kong country

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1. Metroid
2. Super Mario (3D + 2D)
3. The Legend of Zelda
4. Super Smash Bros.
5. Animal Crossing
6. Pokemon
7. Mario & Luigi
8. Donkey Kong
9. F-Zero
10. Pikmin

Smash Bros.
Donkey Kong
Fire Emblem
Star Fox
Mario Kart

Don't believe I've extensively played anything outside of that.