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Forums - Sales Discussion - Feature: Predicting Next-Gen Console Sales With Last-Gen Numbers

Interesting article and pretty much the analysis I put forward in my PS2 slow start thread.

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Kind of like this?

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Kind of, but pretty graphs are alway better

FishyJoe said:
Kind of, but pretty graphs are alway better


WiiFit will be 2008 #1 selling game in NORTH AMERICA!  
End of '08 Predictions: Wii - 48m X360 - 25m  PS3 - 19m
Wii monthly NA sales will top 400k every month in '08. *Jan sales ruined it. Grrrr!*
WiiFit will top 1m in sales in its first month of release in North America.
MGS4 will NOT be released in '08. *Darn it!* FF13 will NOT be released in '08.
Rockband Wii will top 600k in first month sales in North America.
WiiFit will pass the PS3 WW sales by Xmas '09.