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Forums - Website Topics - Thread Froze???

The thread I made only was just posted, and then dissapeared, I'm still kinda new here, but I'm guessing it's because I complained about certain ad's around the site. Guess I won't do that any more...

Just wondering if anyone could explain exactly what I did, I didn't demand anything, or complain without good reason. I knmow ioi and the mods are very busy, and probably don't want to hear about it, but I justr wanted to discuss it.

I guess I'llm discuss this.




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It got locked.

Knew there was a word for it...




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don't know why it got locked, I really don't care what ads are on the site, with the exception of porn ads, which really is annoying, because this whole site is now NSFW

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Holy crap I'm missing porn ads? Damn firefox and Ad Blocker Plus.

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That was one of the two ads we were talking about.




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If you find porn adds it would probably be best to let ioi know about those.

How could I contact him??




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It probably got locked because there have been threads complaining about the ads before, not too recently though.

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Didn't see a reason for anyone to complain untill these P0rn ads and shouting smily ads appeared. Was it locked just because of the title misleading people into thinking I just wanted to complain?




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