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Forums - Sales Discussion - April sales numbers?

when are they going to be released?

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Amazing discussion about being wrong
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The site already has weekly data until April 22. NPD should be out on May 17.

NPD on may 17 ? but the second thursday of the month is on may 10 !

The 2nd Thursday of a month AFTER they stop counting, which will probably be May 5th. Should be a VERY interesting month. Btw, Wii availability on is down to 17%. :)

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Lol, one disadvantage of Kwaad being banned is you can't taunt him for being wrong again.

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Thanks, vanguardian. Btw, do you know if media create numbers will be delayed THIS WEEK (or next week) because of the Golden Week ? (or maybe both of it) ?

Yep, from what the Cheezyman said on NeoGAF, we can expect the "Golden Week" numbers 2-3 days before the following weeks numbers.  If he's right, probably the 7th or so.  ioi might know more for sure.

Nobody is crazy enough to accuse me of being sane.

Thank you vanguardian !!

Arrrgh ! the 7th ?? I can't wait for my fix numbers !! 

When did the last NPD period end? This should be a 28 day period. I'm hoping for May 10 not 17.

I think they count until the first Thursday of the month, so I think they'll stop counting on the 3rd, then release the information on the 17th.  I could be wrong, but I don't think I am this time. :)

Nobody is crazy enough to accuse me of being sane.