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Forums - General Discussion - How To Tell If You're a Fanboy

This is a great article!

1. You become upset when something you like is questioned.

Fanboys almost universally interpret criticism as a bad thing, generally responding with hostility. The irony of this is that unbridled enthusiasm benefits no one in the long run. When consumer products are blindly followed without criticism, improvement is frustrated and buyers ultimately get the shaft. It's in everyone's best interest to honestly evaluate what's being sold, be that a system made by Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo.

2. You are intellectually dishonest.

If you truly believe you are always right and can never be wrong, you -- my friend -- are intellectually dishonest. Common side affects include an unwillingness to hear out opposing arguments, an overlying fear of facts, a rejection of the truth, and opining without requisite context or knowledge (even worse, without thoroughly reading the issues being discussed!).

3. You resort to personal attacks during debate.

Fanboys let their myopic revelry define who there are. Pinning your very existence on the success of a mass market product like the Xbox 360 or PS3 can be a scary thing. Thus, personal insecurity often drives fanboys to spew trite insults and hateful speech when engaging with others in a discussion. The Urban Dictionary aptly describes the occurrence, "[They] put down people who don't like whatever it is they like and will disregard any factors that differ from their point of view." If you have a tough time separating emotion from discussion, you might be a fanboy.

4. The defeat of your enemy is more rewarding than your victory.

Rooting for the success of a "team" is one thing. In fact, millions of Americans do this daily for professional sports teams, favored products, even company stock. But relentlessly celebrating the loss of another in place of your own victory is problematic. I'm not talking about cheering when the Yankees lose; I'm talking about finding pleasure in spamming rival console forums, sabotaging Wikipedia entries, and disrupting the peaceful assembly of others.

5. You bring nothing new to a conversation.

Shipped consoles versus sold? We've all heard that tired argument a thousand times. Does it really matter? If you feel strongly about a subject, make an informed, creative case while backing it up with facts and cross-references. Look to enlighten the argument, not rehash the same points ad nauseum. Better yet, try a different approach if you feel you're not being heard. If "you suck" is the best counter argument you have, you're not even trying.

6. You are anti-fanboy.

Don't get me wrong -- no one likes a troll. But if you've made it your life's work to counter and antagonize fanboys, you're only adding to the problem. Anti-fanboys regularly accuse others of being fanboys in derogatory fashion. It's a vicious cycle. The name gets loosely thrown around yet tells more of the individual using the term than the person it's directed at. Calling someone a fanboy without proper cause is merely evidence of a weak mind trying to get noticed.


I have to admit that sometimes I'm guilty of #6...  I'll try to control my urges of agonizing other fanboys...


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I've seen these before, but they are always fun. Self evaluation... 1)Actually yes. I do this quite a bit actually 2)I'm stubbored. I can say I'm not always right, but in a debate I seem to thinbk that way 3)Never. I hate when people do this 4)Naw. Maybe when I wwas yonger, but if my system remains profitable then I'm good. 5)I've probobly done this before 6)All the time Yeah, It's safe to say I'm a fanboy(guess which system), but I hope I at least try to look at the industry objectivly.

This was actually a good article. I thought that it would be a tongue-in-cheeck kind of article from the title, but yeah, it's pretty accurate. I'm a mild version of a fanboy. Even though I have my biases, as everyone will, I try not to be intellectually dishonest, or get into insulting matches, use horrible logic, or accuse others of being fanboys b/c this website is similar to a website for football fans, there will always be supporters and opponents.

1, sadly yes sometimes 2, Of course I am always right, I am GOD...or mayby not. I have no problem to say that I am wrong, but you have to work hard to get me to understand that I am wrong 3, Never. 4, Hmm, no actuly I am more of a "I think we need to have a bigger userbase" guy. 5, Sometimes but mostley when I think the opponents have missed something I have tried to explain. 6, heheh I uselly try to put fanboys in a problematic situation, but that is because I think it is very rewarding to find that you win a debate.



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1. Yes.

2. No. I admit my mistakes.

3. Maybe, only if i am prevoked by a personal attack.

4. No. Being a nintendo fan, the industry means squat to me. I'm used to 1st/2nd/3rd place.

5. I try to make my point clear. If the whole thread is going is a loop, it's not my fault.

6. I'm anti-troll for the most part.  

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1.) Yes.

2.) No. Probably I can be wrong... sometimes (maybe right now)

3.) Yes but I think it happens to everyone (time to time)

4.) I don't care about failure of other brand but often it goes side by side with success of my own.

5.) Sometimes... yes, often I'm unable to provide good debate because of language barrier

6.) Probably I am.


If i had to make some fun i would give these answers for Kwaad :

1) Yes

2) Yes

3) Yes

4) Yes

5) Yes

6) Yes

7) Yes

8) Yes

9) Yes


Here are my answers :

1) Same for things i like or dislike : depends "how" the thing is questionned

2) I hope i am not

3) I try never do that

4) I don't think so

5) I hope i sometimes bring something "new" to a conversation

6) IMO, often F*nboys are childish. So, i am certainly "anti-fanboy" ...

we have to split fanboys from core fans... first ones act like children. second one must have respect because they are loyalist to a console KNOWING WELL others consoles. in other words: fanboys know only their console. core fans even know other consoles have a preference for only one and choose to "sacrifice" some third party games to follow a console maker. like in soccer!! fan boys are "ultra'" core fan are supporters multi are like people that not support any team in particulary and see matches in tv... I prefer core fans. because they choose after considering all variables. I dont' like people that don't choose. in all our lives we make choices every day. making choices hel the market to grow. because losers come out of market and leave to other new console makers. if every one would be fanboys markat will die but also if every one are multi!!! a market of multi si a market satured. so I suggest you fanboys and you multi to read and understand differences between consoles and then make a choice. this will help market.

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. Yes.

4. Yes.

5. Yes.

6. Yes

 Damn. I am a fanboy.

1. no 2. no. 3. no 4. no 5. no 6. no whew, not a fanboy. Will own all major consoles. Eventually, when the games warrant it. If ur gonna get a 360 - walmart has best warranty(3 years after manfactuers warranty 50$) Which is pretty much guarenteed to be needed.