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Pemalite said:
lestatdark said:

Where i'm customizing/buying my desktop, the H100i is the best solution they have available for cooling. I'm going to go for a Coolermaster Cosmos 2 Ultra because it has a lot of inbuilt cooling options, on top of the possibility of adding Water cooling, plus up to 3 extra fans (if they're 120mm) and it also has an inbuilt fan controller, so I might be able to touch the 4.8 GHz barrier, we'll see about it. 

About the 7680x1440 resolution, that's why I'm going with the Triple Titans. From the tests i've been reading online (Guru3D and whatnot), Triple GTX Titan hasn't still been found to be a bottleneck yet.

All I can say is... Welcome to the PC gaming master race. :P May all your framerates be high!

Thanks . I'll finally be able to play current games at framerates higher than 25/30 XD. 

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Also I just saw this and it looks rad as fuck, it's amazing what one man can do these days

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Ok yes I know the more I post in this thread less people care but. This looks neat

When I first saw Consortium, I wasn’t sure what to think. There was fictional science occurring, that much was clear, but to what end? A couple of weeks ago, determined to learn more about this mysterious first-person adventure/RPG, I had the opportunity to play an early build and came away filled with wisdom and excitement. Now that the project is back on Kickstarter, I shall share both. From what I’ve played, Consortium shows itself to be a tight experience, heavy on communication and choice, and riddled with the unexpected. But what exactly is it?


Consortium’s first Kickstarter attempt was a long way from reaching its goal when Interdimensional pulled the plug around the mid-way point, recognising the need for a possible change in strategy and a stronger opening fortnight. The project had failed to receive a great deal of attention and that’s at least partly because it looks like something that it isn’t. Superficially, the game resembles a space opera with RPG elements and lots of talking, similar to the Mass Effect series but without the blue aliens, or the Hollywood spit and polish.

The surface doesn’t lie but it does equivocate somewhat. Consortium does put the player in charge of a crew and various alternate future missions, but there is much more emphasis on the relationships between individual crew members, who all resemble human beings, but find variety in their voices and personalities. The writing detours around many of the sci-fi tropes that it seems to be heading straight toward, but all of that is only evident upon playing.


@TheVoxelman on twitter

Check out my hype threads: Cyberpunk, and The Witcher 3!