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Forums - Website Topics - Can microsoft haters quit rigging the books?

I have noticed a disturbing trend of anti-microsoft posts getting a lot of "diggs" and getting on the front page lately.


It's obviously a planned effort by fanboys. I wish these lamers would stop. It's not going to make 360 go away. 

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...making posts like this won't make it sell any better, either.

Nintendo rules the world.

sharky - it is actually pro-microsoft, and it is saying the site is anti-microsoft.

Either those, or it are the ones about how the average 360 has been replaced at least once, and a good number of those through the store, thus counting as a second sale.


The 'games that come packaged in the box' were not counted!!!

or one of those. right?

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First, "Rigging the books" typically refers to altering your accounting records to conceal the truth behind your earnings and expenditures, typically to hide money you're stealing from the company.

Second, you're mad at people for digging something? Yes, clearly, the United Coalition of Rabid Anti-Microsoft Fanbots (UCRAMF) is conspiring against the software giant in an effort to besmirch their good name.

"I mean, c'mon, Viva Pinata, a game with massive marketing, didn't sell worth a damn to the "sophisticated" 360 audience, despite near-universal praise--is that a sign that 360 owners are a bunch of casual ignoramuses that can't get their heads around a 'gardening' sim? Of course not. So let's please stop trying to micro-analyze one game out of hundreds and using it as the poster child for why good, non-1st party, games can't sell on Wii. (Everyone frequenting this site knows this is nonsense, and yet some of you just can't let it go because it's the only scab you have left to pick at after all your other "Wii will phail1!!1" straw men arguments have been put to the torch.)" - exindguy on Boom Blocks