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Oregon vs Alabama

Oregon 7 70.00%
Alabama 3 30.00%

 I wish he had a playoff system in NCAA football this year.  I would love to see these two teams play eachother.  Obviously I go to U of O and grew up in Eugene so I am bias but I am curious what other people think.  If the two teams played what would be the outcome? 

I don't know how big of a college football following we have here at Vgchartz, hopefully enough to have some debate. 


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ps: for the record I have no interest in American Football :P But hey Blazers are kicking ass

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It would have been a more interesting matchup, for sure. Oregon is never out of any game. I doubt that they would have beaten Alabama, to be honest, but I'm pretty confident the score would have been closer.

Definitely would have been a closer game. Ive been saying all season long that Notre Dame was severely overrated. They never played anyone in the top 10 and their quality wins were few. Most of their games the offense was anemic. Compare that to oregon. The only loss they had was to a good stanford team that played the game of their college careers. Were they to have played again i have no doubt that Oregon would have beaten them.

No i dont think Oregon could have blown out Alabama and Im leaning towards the opinion that Alabama is a better team than Oregon (mostly because of their defense) but no doubt it would have been a much closer game. Perhaps 31-28 Alabama or somewhere around there.

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I'm totally with you Oregon versus Alabama would have been a much better title game. Notre Dame might have had the best record going into the title game but beast record doesn't mean your close to being the best team and Alabama pretty much proved that tonight. Anyway Notre Dame should have lost at least two regular season games and they got lucky on a couple more. I'm sure that when the final polls come out Oregon will be #2.