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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - "an Unbias Review" Kid Icarus Uprising- A Shiackz Review

Hey as we have seen Kid Icarus  Uprisingi's getting close  to 1 mil mark so to celebrate that i'm going to post my take on this game,  hope you'll like  it and maybe help the game  achieve that milestone :)

Kid Icarus uprising "an Unbias Review"

after long years of absence ( besides an invitation to a fighting game), the angelic hero pit,
returns to fight mythologycal creatures and lay some divine justice on the evil medusa.

A bit of comparison between these and the older games , while the older games where more of a metroid type of game sidescroling and everything , this one is a  different take, swaping the get upgrades go to new areas for a more action oriented and dynamic gameplay.

Well let's get to the game itself , firs the presentation ;this games oozes production values
and great care from sora , from the menus( really familiar if you played smash bros) ,to the extras , AR cards you can see that a lot of time and effort was put to make this game a quality one.

The game is broken down in chapters each one consisting of two parts , 
when you start a chapter you'll get to the first type of gameplay, the flight parts
these consist of areas in which you'll fly on rails shooting baddies to clear the way , 
here you won't have control over where you go (except for some parts where you choose left or right) you’ll only move pit with the stick in any direction in order to evade incoming enemy 
attacks the game recommends going in a circular motion to make evading easier, as for the attacks
you will use the stylus to aim and shoot with the right trigger , so shooting and dodging at the same time can get pretty frantic , you also have some boss fights while flying, that are pretty intense .
The second type of gameplay is on land here you'll have to dodge , use skills , shoot and melee
to get through, the areas you fight on are pretty limited as to where you can go , but they get the job done ,they are varied so you never get the feeling of deja vu when you get to a new mission, 
in these areas you'll advance by clearing rooms of enemies or looking for missing parts of doors etc, the exploration is not a big part of the game as it is more action oriented , but you'll find some secret areas with nice rewards that you can look for, in these areas the enemies are more 
resistant so you 'll need to dodge and use the advantages of your weapon of choice , at the end of the level (surprise surprise) there's a boss fight , in her the boss use patterns to attack that you have to take advantage of in order to get the upper hand they are pretty fun, and no boss uses the same tactic than the last, the controls in the land parts have a little learning curve, cause you will move using the stick , aim and look arround with the stylus, but  it works so there's that.

before every level you'll get a menu with a cauldron where , you'll bet hearts( in game currency how cute ,unless they're humans hearts that's creepy) to make the game harder or easier going from .1 to 9 , 9 being insanely hard , the catch here is the more difficult it get's the better loot you get, rare weapons and skills, so you'll want to play on harder difficulties besides is way more fun ,you also have a achievements trophies kind of thing where if you do specific tasks you'll also get rewards, figurines to collect , more weapons music, this game is packed with collectibles.

The weapons you get are of different kinds, swords , bows , gigantic clubs, knuckledusters, staffs
each with their own benefits and advantages, staffs are good at long distance shots, knuckledusters for close range, it's up to you to get what works best. You can also fuse weapons together to create 
new ones the weapons inherit some of the bonus of the ones you fused together, like extra melee power ,speed , resistance ,etc

Now my favorite part the multiplayer, in here you can play either locally , or online against other
players using the weapons and skills you got from the main adventure, you have two game modes
light vs dark , and free for all, 
the first one is team based, you use some generic characters, you will fight and loose points each time you are killed ,these are taken from a bar only one per team so if you get killed you'll affect the whole team, the points you loose are based on the weapon you have the more powerful it is the more you loose, if the bar gets depleted you 'll transform into pit or dark pit, and be more powerful, but if you loose like them it's over, so you have to choose to use that power to win or , run and hide .
the second mode is free for all, and is as you can guess every body for himself, here is up to you to win and if you loose it's your fault , at the end of each match , LvsD or FFA, there's a weapon or skill that will be given at random, and you also get weapons just by playing, so at least give it a shot multiplayer is fun and intense so i really recommend this.

The game also has really good music, the graphics are gorgeous with 3d especially if you have an XL the flight parts look incredible and the voice acting is superb , the dialogs are cheesy but have a lot of charm and the story is fun not so serious but interesting enough.

Final Opinion
This is how you revive a franchise, if you like action games and don't mind a little learning curve in your controls , give Uprising a shot , you are in for a treat

1-gameplay 9/10 it's the star of the show the game plays great and it's fun to play the controls are a little hard to get used to
2-story 9/10 the story is fun and lighthearted nothing serious but entertaining
3-multiplayer 9/10 the multiplayer is fun and engaging , rewards based on performance would make it better and some type of chat will be nice ,locally it's a blast
4-graphics 10/10 there's nothing quite like it on 3ds and the 3d is truly breathtaking ,really nice visual style that takes advantage  of  the  power of  the 3ds
5-3rd person/ on rails shooter mashup  9/10 the combination works quite better than expected, and the change of pace is welcome, an unique

overall 9.2

has a lot of content replay value is enormous, the only complaint is the controls being hard to get used to other than that the game is great

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just to share i talked to Jaywood and he gave me his blessing to make the post :)

I must be missing an inside why is it an "Unbias Review" and not an "Unbiased Review"?

I wonder if they'll bring this to the WiiU. Seems like an easy fit.

9.2 sounds fine to me. The game deserves all the praise it can get. The amount of content on this game is just stunning. Graphic wise is great, music godlike, gameplay is fast and tight... The only thing that I would improve is the camera. It is not terrible or anything, but a better camera would help a lot.


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KIU is kinda underrated! If anyone likes SSB they should of given this game a go IMO. THE multiplayer is epic as hell. Now i personally want up to 8players in SSB4!

Also this game has a pretty damn good story!

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Great review man :) Really like it. I loved Kid Icarus and it is probably my favorite nintendo game now which says a lot


Yeah this game is what a 3d smash would be imo,it also has that replayability especially, if you have who to play with i think in the only department that beats smash is in the story and the charm i didn't like pit alot and now i choose him in smash alot :)

JayWood2010 said:
Great review man :) Really like it. I loved Kid Icarus and it is probably my favorite nintendo game now which says a lot

Thanks :) , and yes it's my favorite nintendo game of this year, to bad sora ltd is no more:( ,well i'll wait for the next one  by the way if you want to play online just ask i'll love a good fight

I see a battle coming soon!This thread makes me want to kick some ***!!! If anyone wants a challenge i advise you to come battle me!


tbone51 said:
I see a battle coming soon!This thread makes me want to kick some ***!!! If anyone wants a challenge i advise you to come battle me!

Let's get it on then haha i'll fight you