Damn it if I haven't bought so much Sony stuff recently and I'm loving it. Here it is:

I have a PlayStation 3D Display. Excellent monitor. 24", does active 3D, 2 HDMI outs. I have a PS3 hooked up to it, play it at a desk in a computer chair. Like PC gaming again. Any PC gamer should opt for it as it is super cheap right now ($100-$179), if you have a PS3 even better considering 3D games available. The PlayStation glasses, while a little tight and not enough light blinders, are big enough to cover your vision and have simulview technology. Simulview is okay on a 24", if on a bigger TV, really nice for local multiplayer. Will buy a tower with HDMI out.

A second PS3. Yes I bought one for my PS 3D Display. I wasn't about to remove the one from my TV, but now I can play games when my wife wants to use the PS3 to watch shows or even play games herself. Since you can use two PS3's on one account this works perfectly as I can access all of my games from the second PS3. It's the new model. While the disk drive is louder, the hard drive is bigger for digital use and the power consumption is lower. I love the PS3.

PlayStation Pulse Headset Elite Edition. They made a non elite editiion without bass impact if you just want 7.1 surround and an external mic, but whaterver. Elite is the way to go. Bass Impact is amazing, hands down. A "vibrate" similar function without spinning parts. Works with everything, music, tv, music, pc, vita, ps3, the headset is tops. Makes everything sound awesome, good surround sound with awesome audio fidelity and nothing compares to Bass Impact, especially since all audio levels are customizable and adjustable. For $150 this headset is so worth it when you can pay $200-$300 for worse. With an internal mic, any gamers dream. Includes sidetone to hear your speech too, audio leveling for sound vs voice. Different modes for different media.

PlayStation Vita. BEST HANDHELD EVER MADE. GUARNETEED. Don't believe any negative aspect on this device, at all. That's an order. No single dedicated gaming device compares to this beauty. If gaming is what you want get this, immedietly. Aside from the slew of games currently avaiable there is new content arriving all the time. That's aside from the PSone, PSN, Minis, and PS Mobile games available for the system. Competent web browser, social media device, movie/video viewer. It bridges the gap between tablet and handeld gaming device. So many pluses that any down sides are written off. There is no better handeld gaming device on the market. It deserves full support and will pay dividends in entertainment as it upgrades in features over the years, remaining relevant in our mobile world.

Xperia TL. Very very nice Android phone. Granted, my first smartphone. Way better than the iPod Touch 4 I had. The thing is sexy, all around. 13 mega pixel camera, 720p video, high pixel count, bravia enhancment, panorama, 1.5 dual core cpu, gpu, will run Jellybean soon, this this is amazing. 4.55 inch screen and has NFC smart tags. I am finding a million uses for this thing and it is great that it has PS Mobile I can share with my Vita. Same with Music Unlimited. I just love it and if you are in the market for a smartphone, well this thing is simply amazing and SHOULD NOT be overloooked. Just take a picture with it at an AT&T and you will see.

SmartWatch. Sure I'd never buy this myself, I won it. But, I find it very nice. I like watches and having something so functional is a plus. The $150 price tag might be pretty steep for what it is, unless you are comparing it to luxury watches. There are a few dozen different smart watch apps you can download on your android phone to use on your watch. Simple things like silenting your phone, checking social media, messages, email, weather, all from your watch. Sure, you could just reach into your pocket but it does stuff that can't do as well. Finding your phone with an app if you can't, make it ring from your watch. Go on a job and use your GPS to track distance and speed, no need to carry your phone. Use google maps from your wrist, etc. etc. Not entirely practicle, but hard not to take advantage of once you have it.

The thing I wish I had is the 3D personal viewer. Now that is the ultimate single player device is it not?

I am just so pleased by the products that Sony provides and am loving the quality they bring me. Hate all you want about a product or company, I love what I have. There is always cons to any device, but I can't ignore the pros. No compnay provides this level of quality to me and while expensive at times, totally worth it. I hope you enjoyed this rant and feel free to ask me about any of these products's features etc. Don't post crap saying stupid anti-Sony stuff. This is what you get from a drunken Christmas night. Be happy, play some games.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

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Sony products really oozes quality and style. I really don't get the sony hate.
Happy New Year!

The force is strong with this one.

Not only you talk like a PR guy, now you make advertisement threads. Your bosses will be happy.

Some men just want to watch their cash burn.

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Kynes said:

Not only you talk like a PR guy, now you make advertisement threads. Your bosses will be happy.

Exactly, right? Nah, I'm just drunk and really happy with my new phone and smartwatch (which has been sitting in a drawer for 5 months since I won it). I just find this collection of products amazing and Sony has become my look to now that I'm able to purchase things with my hard earned money.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

I don't think anyone (at least no one without some bias) is saying sony don't make Quality stuff, merely that you pay a premium for their stuff that in quite often isn't justified as the competitors make equivalent or in many cases better quality items at significantly less cost.

Cant believe only Sony are making those 3D personal viewer (they really need to change the name) Its a good technology more companies needs to try.


Bet with gooch_destroyer, he wins if FFX and FFX-2 will be at $40 each for the vita. I win if it dont

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Also got the Pulse headset yesterday, fantastic.

Like you I also have tons of Sony products. It's not that I say "I need to support the company making Uncharted," they just make great hardware.

the_dengle said:
Some men just want to watch their cash burn.

I forget to mention the SD card I bought was Sony. A 8gb micro sd dual pack with a SDHC adapter. Mostly because it was the largest capacity dual pack available, but yeah, Sony.

My next aquisition will be a HandyCam. And as much as I would like a Vaio desktop, probably not happening due to price and lack of stand alone models. That and lack of caring about Vaio outside of a laptop.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(